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Angela Brown has been an attorney for over 30 years. She has prosecuted criminals, counseled businesses, represented families in need and defended people who otherwise had no voice. Before her appointment to the bench, Angela Brown successfully ran her own litigation firm, specializing in criminal, family, personal injury and guardian ad litem law.


She has conducted over 1000 trials on all sides of the judicial bench, and has taught others how to be an effective, knowledgeable attorney of integrity.

Angela is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., a Public Service Sorority and member, Destiny World Church. She has been married for 14 years to M. Felipe Brown, a law enforcement officer, and they have two children, Christopher and Ciara.


  • Committed to equity and justice for all

  • Experienced judge in superior, magistrate and state court

  • Experience as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and family law attorney

  • Never had a judicial complaint filed against her

  • Member, Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

  • Member, Destiny World Church

  • Board Member, Georgia Association of Women Lawyers


Hello I am Judge Angela Brown and I’m running for Cobb County Superior Court against Reuben Green and I’m humbly asking you for your vote on May 19th . For me, being a judge is about being a servant, not just in word but in action as well. I am the proud daughter of a mom who was a schoolteacher and a dad who was a Tuskegee Airman. My parents instilled deep within me that your character and your values are hewn out of your background, your diversity of view, and your commitment to lifelong public service. While my mom said adversity reveals true character, my dad always quoted Lincoln to me that my true character didn’t show up until you were given power.

When you walk into that courtroom, he would say, remember you represent the Constitution that flag was founded on and the equitable freedoms people have given their lives before you to protect. That is the personal standard by which I have spent my entire legal career trying to live up to. Superior Court Judges are called to make difficult decisions that impact people’ lives. A
ruling impacts the relationship between a parent and child, it impacts the freedom of a defendant and impacts the livelihood of small and large business alike. It’s important to have a judge, like myself, who has a diversity of experience to draw from and make reasoned rulings from.

Unlike my opponent, I have worked as a prosecutor, a family law attorney and a criminal defense attorney, I’ve worked as a small business owner and for a corporation, Unlike him, I’ve worked as in house counsel for businesses and as an associate for a law firm. Unlike him, I’ve been a judge on the Magistrate Court level, the State Court level and the Superior Court level and seen 100s of circumstances he has never encountered because he’s never been there.
It’s time for the people to elect a judge who has the experience to make reasoned and fair decisions, whose accountability is solely to the Constitution and its ideals and who brings diversity of thought. I am that judge and hope to have your vote on June 9, 2020 for Cobb County Superior Court Judge.

Thank you.

Judge Angela Brown - Candidate



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